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Starting from marginalizing residents for the sake of investment, to corruption, human trafficking, and the destruction of residents’ living spaces for extractive industry permits, these are some of the issues that get our attention in Floresa.

With a critical perspective, we present reports that are independent of the commercial influence and interests of those in power. We do this because we believe in the importance of amplifying the voices of those who are often victims, in order to promote just development and democratization.

However, our team and resources are very limited. Because of this, we ask that you collaborate and help our small team in various ways. What are the forms?

First, you can help provide us with information regarding topics or issues that you think need our attention, which may have been ignored by many, including us. Please submit topic suggestions to email: [email protected].

Second, you can also send us articles, especially for the Analysis and Literacy rubric. Note that you have read the terms before you submit the article.

Third, Or, if you can’t choose between the two, but are interested in supporting our work, you can contribute by providing financial support which really helps our journalists’ operational costs.

You can send it through the account as follows:

Bank BRI KK Marina Bay No. 1763-01-000024-56-6 a.n PT Floresa Media Utama
Bank BCA Labuan Bajo Branch Office No. 7535019339 a.n PT Floresa Media Utama

You need to notify us via email [email protected] after making the transfer.

Whatever your support will really help our work for the public.

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